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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Technical Team


Dr. Johan Mertens

Research: Mechanical Properties of Biostructures
Position: Research staff
Acebrón Rodicio

Dr. María Acebrón Rodicio

Research: Hybrid Nanomaterials
Position: Research Staff

Dr. Rebeca Bocanegra

Research: Nanobiomedicine
Position: Research Staff
Pedraz Carrasco

Dr. Patricia Pedraz Carrasco

Research: Atomic force microscopy
Position: Research Staff
Rodríguez Fanjul

Dr. Vanessa Rodríguez Fanjul

Research: Cell Cultures
Position: Research Staff
Rodríguez Osorio

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Osorio

Research: Nanofabrication Services
Position: Research Staff

Warren Smith

Research: Instrumentation Design and Fabrication
Position: Research Staff

Dr. Maxence Raphael Urbani

Research: Functional Organic Materials
Position: Research Staff
Valera Bernal

Andrés Valera Bernal

Research: Semiconductor Nanostructures and Nanophotonics
Position: Research Staff
Arenas Mahe

Christine Marie Arenas Mahe

Position: Technician
Cancho García

Patricia Cancho García

Research: Quantum Nanodevices and Photonics
de Vicente García

Javier de Vicente García

Research: Critical raw materials
Position: Technician
Dhanjani Dhanjani

Monica Dhanjani Dhanjani

Research: Nanomagnetism & Biomedicine
Position: Technician
Jiménez Urbanos

Dr. Fernando Jiménez Urbanos

Research: Quantum nanodevices
Leis Malvar

Catarina Leis Malvar

Research: Metallodrugs to Modulate Cancer Cell Machinery
Position: Technician

Tania Marugán

Position: Technician