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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Surnames starting with C

Casillas Sanchez

Dr. Jose Luis Casillas Sanchez

Position: Maintenance and Infrastructure Manager
Cabanillas González

Dr. Juan Cabanillas González

Research: Pump-probe and photoinduced absoption spectroscopy
Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)

Dr. Mariona Cabero Piris

Research: Scanning Probe Microscopies and Surfaces

Dr. Jean Cacheux

Research: Microfluidic chip fabrication
Calero de Ory

Marina Calero de Ory

Research: Quantum Devices and Photonics
Calleja Mitjá

Dr. Fabián Calleja Mitjá

Research: Spin-Polarized STM
Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)
Cánovas Díaz

Dr. Enrique Cánovas Díaz

Research: Nanotechnology, Photovoltaics, Charge Carrier Dynamics
Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)
Carrasco Gento

Ana Cristina Carrasco Gento

Research: Metallodrugs

Prof. José L. Carrascosa

Research: Nanobiosystems
Position: Joint Unit
Casaleiz Santa Barbara

Daniel Casaleiz Santa Barbara

Research: Permanent Magnets and Applications
Castanheira Coutinho

Catarina Castanheira Coutinho

Research: Inorganic Nanostructures for Diagnostics and Therapy