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The group is focused in magnetic nanoparticles with applications in biomedicine. More specifically:

a) Computational electromagnetism for in silico testing. Starting from animal and human computable phantoms, we perform computer simulations of therapies and diagnostic techniques based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields and magnetic and optical nanomaterials in the frequency range of kHz. Our mission is to provide clinicians with powerful tools to choose the best therapeutical conditions by predicting body response. The group collaborates closely with hospitals and medical devices manufacturers within the remit of the European project NoCanTher focused on treating pancreatic cancer through magnetic hyperthermia, and is involved in the preparation of the clinical studies. We also aim to a wider validation of in silico temperature predictions with dedicated experimental measurements at the nanoscale in the NANOLICO project.

b) Design of multifunctional magnetic nanomaterials. We design and synthesise a wide range of magnetic nanomaterials applied to biomedicine; for example, magnetic hyperthermia (MH), brain imaging contrasts, and magnetic particle imaging (MPI) tracers. Within this research line, the combination of magnetic hyperthermia and MPI is our current priority. These lines are embodied in the international collaborative networks we participate/coordinate: MyWAVE, RADIOMAG, NanoBioAp, NANO.