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Disruptive Innovation and Technology

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The objective of the Horizontal Platform is to foster disruptive innovation from nanoscience and nanotechnology to boost industrial developments. This initiative is an evolution of the Translational Technology Platform established under the previous SO Programme. The new focus has gained momentum thanks to the European Innovation Council (EIC) leadership. According to the European Commission the EIC aims to identify and scale-up breakthrough and disruptive innovation. IMDEA Nano is working at the frontier of knowledge, in cutting-edge research that will allow in a natural way the connection with relevant industries for achieving disruptive innovations based on nanotechnology solutions.

About the Horizontal Platform

IMDEA Nanociencia foundational goals include the service to Society and the support to the Industry. Reaching final applications from interdisciplinary frontier research takes a long way, normally in connection with other academic, institutional and business actors. By its very nature, research at the nanoscale is consubstantial with the generation of disruptive innovation, something that cannot be anticipated but can be propitiated through an instrument conceived at IMDEA Nanociencia to advance in areas with potential to generate disruptive applications.The Horizontal Platform provides the specialized framework for the development of new proof-of-concept applications and products based on the cutting-edge research from all Scientific Programmes. The understanding, analysis and manipulation of nanoscale physical, chemical and biological phenomena, challenged from the six priority Scientific Programmes, will bring to new developments and advanced applications of nanotechnology for key sectors of the economy. We taking advantag of the advanced research services as well as the possibility of directly developing for companies systems and applications focused on the challenges. In parallel, we multiply efforts and increase critical mass at all stages of the value chain, from research to final application establishing strategic alliances with complementary public institutions, close to technology and/or end users designing a suitable path, establishing a common language and, without a doubt, choosing the best travel companions.


Industrial Liaison
Dr. Mark William Davies