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Dr. Cristina Navío Bernabeu

Position: Assistant Researcher (tenure track)
PhD: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Previous Position: Mons University, Belgium
Research: Rare-Earth Free Permanent Magnets
Joining Date: January, 2012
User Name: cristina.navio
Telephone: +34 91 299 87 62
Navío Bernabeu

Dr. Cristina Navío got her PhD in Physics at the Surface Science Laboratory in the Condensed Matter Physics Department of the Autónoma University of Madrid (2008), in the group lead by Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Miranda. During this period, Dr. Navío acquired a deep knowledge on UHV and surface characterization techniques. After one year postdoc in the Freie University of Berlin (Germany) in the group of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuch she joined the LCIA in the University of Mons to work with Dr. Carla Bittencourt in the group of Prof. Rony Snyders. She got experience in NEXAFS and PEEM, with several months of work in BESSY synchrotron and she worked in the characterization of functional films for gas sensing applications. After two years in Belgium, she came back to her former laboratory for one year and became an IMDEA Nanoscience member from 2012. Dr. Navío’s expertise includes: thin films growth and surface characterization in UHV (techniques used: XPS, UPS, Auger, LEED); Synchrotron radiation user (Berlin and Hamburg) for spectroscopy (XPS and UPS) and NEXAFS.

Relevant publications

  • Inter-grain effects on the magnetism of M-type strontium ferrite, E. Céspedes et al., J. of Alloys and Compounds 692, 280 (2017).
  • Gallium plasmonic nanoparticles for label free DNA and nucleotide polymorphisms sensing, A.G. Marín et al., Nanoscale 8(18), 9842 (2016).
  • Size, Shape, and Phase Control in Ultrathin CdSe Nanosheets, F. Gerdes et al., Nano Lett. 2017. DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b00937