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Dr. José Ignacio Urgel Tendero

Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)
Research: Nanoarchitectonics on Surfaces
Joining Date: October, 2019
User Name: jose-ignacio.urgel
Urgel Tendero

I hold a MSc in chemistry from Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH) and a MSc in material engineering from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). In 2016, I completed my PhD at the Technical University of Munich (TUM, Germany). Afterwards, I joined to the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology (EMPA, Switzerland) as a postdoctoral researcher for 3.5 years, where I became an expert in on-surface chemistry. In October 2019, I joined the Nanoarchitectonics on Surfaces group at IMDEA Nanociencia (Spain) as a researcher after obtaining several scholarships: Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF), Comunidad de Madrid (CAM) Fellowship for young talents (declined after the first year in favor of the MSCA-IF) and the Juan de la Cierva incorporación Fellowship (JdCI) granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (declined in favor of the CAM). My technical skills are related to several ultra-high vacuum (UHV) surface science techniques such as low-temperature scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS, nc-AFM) and photoelectron spectroscopy (including experience in synchrotron facilities).

Research Lines

My main research interest at IMDEA Nanociencia is dedicated to the on-surface synthesis of atomically precise synthetic carbon-based nanostructures (SCNs). More specifically, I investigate novel nanographenes (NGs) and covalently linked organic polymers (CPs), with prospects in organic electronics. The fabrication and characterization of such SCNs on surfaces, often hampered under conventional solution chemistry due to their low solubility and high reactivity, provide a novel route to study their unique structural, electronic and magnetic properties, enabling completely new functionalities. The final goal of my research topic is the fabrication of prototype field effect transistors based on CPs, which will suppose a great achievement by introducing NG/CP-FETs to the next-generation of flexible organic electronics. Along the way, I will profoundly study the chemical stability and the transfer of such SCNs from the necessary metallic substrate to a technologically relevant one.

Selected Publications

- Kalyan Biswa; Maxence Urbani; Ana Sánchez-Grande…Pavel Jelínek;* Tomás Torres;* and José I. Urgel.* 2022, “Interplay between π-Conjugation and Exchange Magnetism in One-Dimensional Porphyrinoid Polymers”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144 - 28, 12725-12731.

- Kristjan Eimre;†,* José I. Urgel;†,* Hironobu Hayashi…Hiroko Yamada;* Roman Fasel;* and Carlo A. Pignedoli.* 2022, “On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen-Substituted Undecacenes”, Nature Communications, 13, 511.

- Kalyan Biswas; José I. Urgel;* Kun Xu… Pavel Jelínek;* Xinliang Feng;* and David Écija.* 2021, “On‐Surface Synthesis of a Dicationic Diazahexabenzocoronene Derivative on the Au (111) Surface”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 133(48), 25755-25760.

- Amogh Kinikar;† Marco Di Giovannantonio;† José I. Urgel…Klaus Müllen,* Pascal Ruffieux, Carlo A Pignedoli,* Roman Fasel.* 2022, “On-surface polyarylene synthesis by cycloaromatization of isopropyl substituents”, Nature Synthesis, 1, 289–296

- Ana Sánchez-Grande; José I. Urgel;* Aleš Cahlík…Nazario Martín;* Pavel Jelínek;* and David Écija.* 2020, “Diradical Organic One‐Dimensional Polymers Synthesized on a Metallic Surface”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59(40), 17594-17599.

- José I. Urgel; Shantanu Mishra; Hironobu Hayashi…Hiroko Yamada;* and Roman Fasel.* 2019, “On-surface light-induced generation of higher acenes and elucidation of their open-shell character”, Nature Communications, 10, 861.

- José I. Urgel; David Écija;* Guoqing Lyu; Ran Zhang; Carlos-Andres Palma; Willi Auwärter; Nian Lin;* Johannes V. Barth.* 2016, “Quasicrystallinity expressed in two-dimensional coordination networks”, Nature Chemistry, 8, 657-662.

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