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Dr. Mario Martínez Mingo

ORCID: 0000-0002-2963-5769
Joining Date: September, 2021
User Name: mario.martinez
Martínez Mingo

Mario Martínez-Mingo obtained his BSc in Chemistry in 2015 from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and his MSc in 2016 at the same university under the supervision of Dr. María Ribagorda and Prof. Carmen Carreño. He then did his PhD at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid under the supervision of Prof. Juan Carlos Carretero and Dr. Nuria Rodríguez focusing on the selective functionalization of C–H bonds through long-range metallacycle intermediates, stabilized by sulfur containing coordinating moieties. Currently, he joined Dr. Álvaro Somoza´s group as post-doctoral researcher at IMDEA Nanociencia.