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Dr. Jose Sánchez Costa

Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)
Research: Switchable Nanomaterials
ORCID: 0000-0001-5426-7956
Researcher ID: N-9085-2014
Google Scholar profile: https://scholar.google.es/citations?hl=en&user=HgzyQdMAAAAJ
Joining Date: February, 2016
User Name: jose.sanchezcosta
Telephone: +34 91 299 8848
Sánchez Costa

Since 2016, first as Ramon y Cajal Fellow and now as a Researcher, I established a research group at IMDEA Nanociencia called Switchable NanoMaterials (SNM). In these 7 years, I obtained own funding sources and engaged on the training of scientists. At present, the team is composed by: 1 master student (Ms. Patricia Jimenez), 2 Ph.D students (Ms. Ana Martinez and Mr. Jorge Sangrador) and 5 postdocs (Dr. Estefanía Fernández, Dr. Esther Resines, Dr. Sara Gullace, Dr. Raquel Utrera and Dr. Rubén Turo). I published 95 articles in high-quality international journals of high impact factor, i.e. JACS, ACIE, Nat Comm, Adv. Mat., Adv. Science, Chem. Soc. Rev., Coor. Chem. Rev., Chem. Sci, receiving more than 3600 citations and with an h-index of 35 (more than 87% of the publications are in Q1). He attended more than 50 international congresses (30 oral communications). Besides, he participated in a total of 24 projects (2 International, 5 European, 11 national and 4 regional projects).

Research Lines

Our research line is centred on the frontier areas of Coordination Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Material Science on the development of new metal-based coordination complexes at the macro- and nanoscopic scale for their technological application in the fields of magnetism, energy storage, catalysis, memory and sensing devices.

jose acosta