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Dr. Cintia Cristina de Vequi Suplicy

Position: Research Staff
Research with us: Advanced Optical Microscopy Service

Physics Graduation in 2005, Physics and Biophysics PhD in 2010 from Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil. Her PhD was in the biophysics field, with focus in biological molecules, using experimental and theoretical techniques. In the experimental field, she has experience with several spectroscopy and material characterizations techniques like Uv-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, calorimetric, electron paramagnetic resonance, and more recently with advanced fluorescence microscopy to characterize single molecule spectroscopy and image analysis. In the theoretical field, she can apply computational methods, such as quantum mechanics calculations and molecular mechanics simulations to study one molecule or large systems.
Since January 2020, Cintia is working as an Optical Microscopy Specialist at IMDEA Nanociencia’s Cell Culture Unit and also is part of Ana Pizarro’s research group by applying all her experience to help understand the organometallic compounds and its interactions in different environments.