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"After PhD" views: Ana Carrasco

Ana C. Carrasco Gento worked on her PhD at IMDEA Nanociencia under the supervision of Dr. Ana Pizarro, at the Group of Metallodrugs to Modulate Cancer Cell Machinery. She defended her dissertation successfully on Nov. 6th, 2020 and obtained her PhD degree by the Autonomous University of Madrid. The title of her thesis is "Tethered Iridium(III) Cyclopentadienyl Half-Sandwich Complexes for Biological Applications".

  • How did you hear about the institute IMDEA Nanociencia? Tell us more about the beginning of the story…ana carrasco

I was looking for a PhD and I came across with an offer in “Madri+d”. From the beginning the project caught my attention, and I applied for it. After that I started to work under the supervision of Ana M Pizarro on the development of new iridium(III) complexes as anticancer compounds.

  • How was the working environment at IMDEA Nanociencia? What was your most positive experience at this place?

The working environment at IMDEA is quite good, and probably one of the best experiences during my PhD.  Also, the way of doing science, the multidisciplinary environment that allowed me to open my mind (and expertise) to other areas of research.

  • What is your next stage? Tell us more about your career expectations now.

I want to continue my research career and move soon for a postdoctoral stay abroad.