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"After PhD" views: Ahmad Sousaraei

Ahmad Sousaraei did his PhD at IMDEA Nanociencia under the supervision of Dr. Juan Cabanillas, at the Group of Organic Photophysics and Photonics. He defended his work successfully on Nov. 16th, 2020 at IMDEA Nanociencia. The title of his thesis dissertation is "Photophysical Properties of Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks for Gas Sensing".

  • How did you hear about the institute IMDEA Nanociencia? Tell us more about the beginning of the story…

After completing my MSc. in field of dye-sensitized solar cells and organic light emitting diodes, leading to some great papers, I decided to continue my career, overseas. I was looking for an interdisciplinary institute to promote my knowledge in science and contribute to desirable international collaborations. Fortunately, I found IMDEA Nanociencia an appropriate institute that has a lot of fascinating projects and young researchers with excellent CV in their research areas. It was difficult to select one group among others to apply but at the end I applied for the group of prof. Juan Cabanillas Gonzalez that was closest to my background and could shape better my future career.

  • How was the working environment at IMDEA Nanociencia? What was your most positive experience at this place?

To be honest, I am really satisfied with everything at IMDEA Nanociencia. All the lab technicians were helpful and friendly and the working environment was great with good accessibility to all the required equipment. I could nicely communicate with all the staff, researchers, administrative, technicians and students for any assistance and scientific discussions. In my point of view, those are the most positive experiences I found.

  • What is your next stage? Tell us more about your career expectations now.

During my PhD at IMDEA Nanoscience, I could achieve many valuable experiences in the fields of coordination chemistry, materials chemistry, photonics, laser, sensors, etc. I am really eager to be in science and achieve more experiences as a postdoc researcher and build my research group one day and transfer my experiences and knowledge to other MSc. and PhD students, hopefully.

2020.11.05 defense chensun