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  • IMDEA Nanociencia celebrated the European Researchers' Night with several activities

IMDEA Nanociencia celebrated the European Researchers' Night with several activities


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  • Researchers and citizens met at this annual meeting with science, IMDEA Nanociencia hosted various activities for all audiences.
  • The objective this year has been to raise the awareness on the research carried out by the projects funded by the European Commission.

IMDEA Nanociencia has joined the dissemination actions as part of the European Researchers' Night, held on Friday 27th September. Three thematic activities were organised by 20 researchers from the institute with more than 70 attendees from the general public. These activities, open to all audiences, situate science as a leisure activity and aim to bring research closer to citizens.

ern19 2During this day, special emphasis was placed on highlighting the research carried out through European projects that receive funding from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme. The three IMDEA Nanociencia projects included were BYAXON (FET-Open), NOCANTHER and EVONANO (FET-Open), in which IMDEA Nanociencia is either coordinator (BYAXON and NOCANTHER) or participant.

In the morning session, students from the institutes Las Canteras (Collado Villalba) and Jaime Ferrán Clúa (San Fernando de Henares) learned about the objectives of the EVONANO and NOCANTHER projects in the activities "Organs on a chip" and "Therapies of the future: Nanomedicine", respectively. In the afternoon, attendees were able to find out about the BYAXON project, which pursues neuronal reconnection, with the activity "Connect the neuron". Talks, pub quiz, a sound puzzle or a levitating train; all these experiences were possible during the European Researchers' Night.

ern19 3In parallel, the 7 IMDEA institutes participated in the joint activity "IMDEA CSI", in which the investigators collaborate with the National Police to solve a crime at the CSIC Student Residence. Researcher Dr Álvaro Somoza explained to the attendees what nanoparticle-based sensors consist of and what can they do for the detection of disease-related mutations.

The European Researchers' Night is a scientific dissemination project promoted by the European Commission within the Marie Sktodowska-Curie action of the Horizon 2020 programme. The Night takes place simultaneously in more than 371 European cities since 2005 every last Friday in September. Its organization in Madrid is coordinated by the Madri+d Foundation, which offers the activities from more than 27 scientific institutions in Madrid that are open and free of charge for all audiences. This day can be followed through social networks with hashtags #NIGHTspain, #MSCANight and #EuropeanResearchersNight.

Link to IMDEA Nanociencia ERN19 website: