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The correlative super-resolution fluorescence/atomic force microscope (AFM) allows to image fluorescent samples with single molecule sensitivity and subdiffraction spatial resolution (tens of nm), and produce AFM topography maps of the same sample area. The setup is based on a JPK Nanowizard II AFM coupled to a Nikon Eclipse inverted optical microscope. Appropriate modifications of the instrument have been implemented to allow super-resolution fluorescence imaging based on single molecule switching and localization (PALM/STORM techniques). The microscope is equipped with a high quality total internal reflection (TIRF) objective lens (60x, NA 1.49 oil immersion) and a top-end EMCCD camera (iXon Ultra 897, Andor). Excitation is provided by 488, 532 and 638 nm CW lasers (100 mW). This instrument has been developed in-house and is unique in Spain.
We also have access to other IMDEA facilities such as steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy, (bio)chemical characterization instruments, cell culture, etc.